Annual Tender for Financial Year 2019-2020

College of Language and Culture Studies would like to invite sealed quotation for the supply of IT equipment, Office stationery, Sports, vehicle parts and General items(Electrical, plumbing, and others) for the financial year 2019-2020.

Download Tenders from following links

  1. Anual Quotation 2019-2020 -Dress
  2. Anual Quotation 2019-2020 -General
  3. Anual Quotation 2019-2020 -ICT Equipment
  4. Anual Quotation 2019-2020 -Sports
  5. Vehicle spare parts

The deadline for the submission of Bids is:
Date:  Monday 1st July 2019.
Time: 3:00 pm BST ( Bhutan Standard time)

The Bid Opening shall take place at:
Address: RUB Conference Hall, OVC Thimphu
Date: Monday 1st July 2019.
Time: 3.30 pm BST (Bhutan Standard time).