Language Competency Test

ANNOUNCEMENT English and Rigzung Department will be conducting language competency test for the first year students, both BLL and BHS (excluding module repeaters) in Dzongkha and English on Saturday, 11 August 2018. It is a mandatory for all first year students to take the test. Students failing to take the test will have their semester […]

Fall Semester Timetable

Click the link below for class timetable, classroom allocation and class advisors for Fall Semester 2018 Fall Semester 2018  

Reassessment Result

Click the link below to view the result. BLL VI Semester and BHS VI Semester

Spring Semester, 2018 Reassessment Timetable

Recheck Deadline for final year students: 9th July – 11th July Recheck Deadline for I year and II year: 14th July- 16th July Please register for your recheck through email at or contact us at 17393184 and 17555696 within the given deadline. Reassesssment Timetable July 2018

Admission Requirements

The College Administration would like to remind students to bring the following required forms and other important requirements attached below: The reporting date for first year students is on 22nd July, 2018. Admission Requirements Click here to download Registration/Admission form. Registration Form Section wise student list. BHS I Yr. BLL I Yr. DLCS  

Admission for Honors Programme

Interested CLCS graduates who have successfully completed 3 years degree programme with a minimum of 70 % in BLL/BHS may apply for admission into the 4th year honours programme in BLL/BHS on full scholarship. The 70% will be based on the following criteria: 20% from year one 30% from year two 50 % from year three […]

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