Vision & Mission


The College of Language and Culture Studies aspires to be a centre of excellence in higher learning and research in Dzongkha, Culture, History, Buddhist Studies, and Himalayan Studies, and be a premier institution for cultural preservation and promotion. This vision is in line with related goals articulated in Bhutan 2020, which highlights the importance of “articulating cultural imperative in the nation’s future development, which requires the interpretation of the value of the cultural heritage in dynamic and development-oriented ways so as to ensure that it maintains its relevance as a source of values and inspiration for a society in transformation.”


The overall objective of the clcs is to promote the national language, cultural enrichment, personal development and collective happiness of our people through the following endeavours:

  • Teach Dzongkha, Choekye, culture, Buddhist philosophy, English, and translation skills,
  • Preserve and promote the rich cultural heritage of Bhutan and contribute to the creation of well-informed and culturally responsible citizens as custodians of its rich culture and the values and principles on which it is founded, through dissemination of knowledge and advancement of learning (teaching and research),
  • Promote and conduct research on Bhutan’s traditions, customs, arts and crafts and history to increase the existing knowlege,
  • Link traditional and modern knowledge to contribute to national development,
  • Establish international co-operation in areas of studies in Bhutanese language, culture and history,
  • Respond to the needs of the employment markets in the private and public sectors,
  • Reduce dependency on foreign institutions for high-level professionals in the area of langauge and culture, and
  • Contribute towards the socio-economic and cultural development of Taktse community, Trongsa Dzongkhag and the nation at large.

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