Chithuen Phendhey Association

Association (CPA)

College of Language and Culture Studies

Trongsa, Bhutan



  • Promoting a drug and alcohol-free society in and around the college
  • Enabling full respect and dignity to all human beings
  • Attaining conviction that every individual can achieve success and happiness


  • To promote cutting-edge programs in substance abuse prevention, rehabilitation and social reintegration
  • To work for the well-being of all sentient beings
  • To strive for cooperation and social services
  • To enable drug and alcohol users to take the roles and responsibilities in their lives
  • To foster internal peace and foster societal harmony
  • To produce GNH graduates
  • To foster respect and dignity with compassion


  • Promoting advocacy program in the college to combat against drugs use and alcohol consumption
  • Promoting road and community advocacy program
  • Doing religious work to meet the well-being of sentient beings like repainting of ancient stupas and doing other community services
  • Going for advocacy tour in other schools under Trongsa Dzongkhag

Member enrollment criteria:

  • The members will be selected through their interest on first come first basis
  • The membership is limited to 80, to have proper functioning of the club

Aspiring members to have aptitude to change themselves and others