Name:                 Lungtaen Gyatso

Qualification:     Masters in Sanskrit Literature and Buddhist Studies

Designation:       President

Lungtaen Gyatso holds a Master’s in Sanskrit Studies and Buddhist Philosophy from Sanskrit University, Varanasi. 

Name:                  Jigme Dorji

Qualification:      Masters in Applied Linguistic

Designation:       Dean of Academic Affairs

Jigme Dorji holds a Master’s in Applied Linguistic from Mahicol University Thailand.

Name:                    Sangay Phuntsho

Qualification:         Masters in History

Designation:          Dean of Student Affairs

Sangay Phuntsho completed his Masters in History from Lovely Professional University, Punjab in 2016. For his master’s dissertation, he made a comparative study of the architectural design of Stupa in Bhutan, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Sangay Phuntsho completed his Post Graduate Diploma in Education (Dzongkha) from Paro College of Education in 2008 and received his undergraduate degree in Language and Culture from CLCS. Prior to joining CLCS in 2012, Sangay Phuntsho was working as a teacher under the Ministry of Education. Currently, he teaches Cultural Heritage, Bhutan History and rgyal rabs zhib ’jug. His research interest is in the area of history and culture, more specifically in sacred rituals performed in rural places of Bhutan.

Name:               Tshering Dhendup

Qualification:   Doctor of Philosophy 

Designation:     Dean of Research 

Tshering Dhendup holds a Doctorate in Buddhist Philosophy from India.