General description: Karate, (Japanese: “empty hand”) is an unarmed martial-arts discipline employing kicking, striking, and defensive blocking with arms and legs. Emphasis is on concentrating as much of the body’s power as possible at the point and instant of impact. Striking surfaces include the hands (particularly the knuckles and the outer edge), ball of the foot, heel, forearm, knee, and elbow.

Aims of Rigzhung Karate Club: The introduction of Shito-ryu style of karate in Our College remained as one of the ways which would enhance the physical and mental health of the students besides acting as the source of self defense techniques. The purpose of Karate is to develop well-balanced mind and body through training in fighting techniques. It teaches not only self-defense but also discipline, focus, and respect. 


To maintain the healthy body

To master the junior level kata and fighting techniques and to be competent karate player

To promote the awareness of self defense techniques.

To follow the protocol of Bhutan Karate Association (BKA) and world karate association

Mission: “Fall two times and stand ten times, either fight for win or fight and lose”.

Membership criteria: It is open for energetic and interested first year students only. Currently there are 39 members in total. It is functioning smoothly but due to covid-19, it’s been two years without conducting inter-college tournament. In 2017 and 2018 Rigzhung karate got first in inter-college tournament and currently the rolling trophy is with us.

We are being using the logo of Bhutan Karate Association till now but soon we are going to come up with our own logo.