Rigzhung Department

Name :           Tsering Paljor

Designation:  Associate Lecturer

Qualification: MA in Buddhist Philosophy

Tsering Paljor holds a Master’s degree in Buddhist Philosophy from NNI, Mysore, India. He studied Sutrayana and Tantrayana of Buddhist, Tibetan grammar, religious poetry and History. During his Masters, he also practiced tantric ritual manuals. Currently, he teaches Datroe, Nyngag for regular students and Buddhist Metaphysics for Part-time students.  Prior to joining the college in 2015, Tsering Paljor worked as a teacher in Prince Namgyel Wangchuk Academy and Losel Gyetso Academy. Tsering Paljor is also the coordinator for one the Institute’s research Centre: Centre for Buddhist studies. As the Coordinator of the Centre, he recently organized the first ever-national conference on Buddhism in collaboration with Tango Shedra.

Name :              Dorji Gyeltshen

Designation:    Associate Lecturer

Qualification:  MA Buddisht Philosophy

Dorji Gyeltshen holds Masters in Buddhist philosophy from Gangteng Shedra, Bhutan where he studied Tibetan Buddhist language and literature along with other subjects such as Tibetan and Bhutanese history. His research interest is in the area concerns Bhutanese culture, language, literature, history and Buddhist literature. Dorji has several publications including rDzongkha’i mngon brjod, A Dzongkha commentary on a major Tibetan book on synonyms and a Monograph on astrological elements of family planning. He has also translated and edited various treatise and books, and written on Early Printing and Book Production in Bhutan. His latest publication, Propitiating the Tsen, Sealing the Mountain: Community Mountain-closure Ritual and Practice in Eastern Bhutan was co-authored with Riamsara Kuyakanon, a PhD of Cambridge University. Currently, Dorji teaches Dzongkha language and also serves as Head of the Department of Rigzhung.

Name :            Karma Rigzin

Designation:  Senior Lecturer

Qualification: M.A in Philosophy

Name :             Kencho Tshering

Designation:   Associate Lecturer

Qualification:  MA in Buddhist Philosophy

Email :             ktshering.clcs@rub.edu.bt

Name :             Kezang Dorji

Designation:   Associate Lecturer

Qualification:  MA Buddhist Philosophy

Name :             Phurpa Dorji

Designation:   Associate Lecturer

Qualification:  MA in  Buddhist Philosophy

Phurpa Dorji holds a master’s degree in Buddhist Philosophy from Gangtey Shedra Ngagyur Tholop Do-nga Thoesum Rabgyeling, Gangtey, Wangdue Bhutan. He studied Sutrayana and Trantrayana of Buddhist, Tibetan grammar, history, religious poetry, and Logic. During Masters,  I also practiced Trantric ritual manuals. Before joining CLCS, he worked as a regular teacher in the Ministry of Education, Pvt school(Desi high school) and Gangtey Shedra.

Name :             Samten

Designation:    Lecturer

Qualification:   MA AstrologyBA Indian astronomyBA Buddhist Philosophy

Samten has a Master’s degree in Astrology Studies from the Central University of Tibetan Studies (CUTS) Varanasi, India. He studied Indian Astronomy and Buddhist philosophy. His research interest lies in Buddhist geography and Buddhist Cosmology, specifically in a co-relation between the two areas. Samten’s latest publication is a Course book on Tibetan Poetry (Nyenga).  His forthcoming publication will be on Buddhist Cosmology. Samten is the Programme Leader for BA in Language and Literature (BLL) in CLCS and currently, teaches Himalayan poetry and Buddhist Philosophy.

Name :            Tenzin Dargay

Designation:   Associate  Lecturer

Qualification:  MA in Buddhist Philosophy

Name :             Tenzin Dorji

Designation:    Associate Lecturer

Qualification:   MA in Buddhist Philosophy

Tenzin Dorji holds a Master’s degree in Buddhist Philosophy from the Central University of Tibetan Studies, Varanasi, India. He studied Tibetan Language and Literature, Sanskrit, Indian and Tibetan Buddhist Philosophy. His primary research interest in this area concerns, among others, Bhutanese’s local dialects and culture, Philosophical and Mind Training related practices. He served as the Acting Dean of Research and Industrial Linkages for 2 years. Currently, Tenzin Dorji teaches


Name :            Thinley Gyeltshen

Designation:   Associate Lecturer

Qualification:  MA in Buddhist Philosophy

Name :             Yeshi Jamtsho

Designation:    Associate  Lecturer

Qualification:   MA in Buddhist Philosophy

Yeshi Jamtsho holds a Masters degree in Buddhist Philosophy from Ngagyur Nyingma Institute, Mysore, India. Lopen Yeshi teaches Peotry and Buddhist philosophy which includes Buddhist Metaphysis and Madhyamaka. He is currently working on the scholarly definations of Buddhist poetry or snyan ngag.


Name :             Tashi Phuntsho

Designation:   Associate Lecturer

Qualification:  MA in Buddhist Philosophy