“Taranaya continues to promote the concept of enhancing GNH through socioeconomic transformation … our investment in true empowerment of the people is one of the main ingredient for the positive change.”

           -Her Majesty the Queen mother AshiDorjiwangmo Wangchuck




Motto: service from the heart

Vision: A happy and prosperous community

Mission: Believes in maximizing happiness and harmony among all community people by providing opportunities for life improvement to the vulnerable communities in and around the college campus.


  • Narrow the gap between rich and poor to enhance the relationship among the people in society
  • Volunteer at the community as well as at the school level
  • Work in remote, rural village to bring about holistic community growth and development serving the needy communities
  • Foster grassroots development of small and remote community
  • Help community people to learn and integrate new skills

Membership criteria:

  • Open to all the students who all are interested to provide service to the needy people
  • Once listed in our club, you must be always prepared for volunteerism