English Department

Name :               Dawa Lhamo

Designation:     Assistant Professor

Qualification:   MA in English Literature

Dawa Lhamo holds a Master’s degree in English Literature from the University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She studied postcolonial theory and literature with a special focus on Anita Desai. She is interested in women writers from South and South East Asia. Her research interest lie in Sociology of Education, Gender Studies, and Women and Management. She is a senior faculty in the Department of English. Currently, she teaches Contemporary Literature, Women and Social Change, English for Professional Communication, and Academic Skills.

 Name :              Jigme Wangdi

Designation:     Associate Lecturer 

Qualification:   MA in English Literature

Jigme Wangdi holds a Master’s of Arts in Teaching English as an International Language from Prince of Songkla University, Hat Yai, Thailand. 


Name :              Chencho Tshering

Designation:    Associate Lecturer

Qualification:   MA in English (Literature)

Chencho Tshering holds a Master’s degree in English (Literature) from Sharda University, Delhi, India. He studied English language and literature. His primary research interest is in Himalayan history and culture, especially community history and culture. Currently, Chencho teaches Translation and Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) in the college. Chencho Tshering is also the focal person for Comprehensive Sexuality Education for the college. He also secured the 1st position in the Royal Civil Service Examination Dzongkha category in 2010.


Name :              Dechen Choney

Designation:    Associate Lecturer

Qualification:  MA in Linguistic

 Dechen Choney holds a Master’s degree in Linguistics from Osmania University, Hyderabad. He has a Bachelors degree in English and Dzongkha from Sherubtse College, Royal University of Bhutan. In his master’s thesis, Dechen Choney did an acoustic analysis of the phonemes of Tshang La. His primary research interest is in Linguistic, specifically phonetics and sociolinguistics. Dechen Choney teaches Linguistics, Translation Studies and Academic Skills.

Name :              Gangaram Bhattarai

Designation:    Lecturer

Qualification:   MA in English and Media & Communication

Mr.Gangaram Bhattarai holds a Masters degree in English and Media & Communication from the renowned ‘The English and Foreign Languages University’ in India. Prior to joining CLCS, he has worked as the head of the English Department in various schools under MoE besides facilitating several national level programmes including ‘The English for Effective Communication Training’ and Orienting English Language Teachers on ‘Teaching Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice’ when it was reintroduced into Bhutanese curriculum in 2017. Mr. Gangaram’s several years of teaching experience and academic performance has been well acknowledged at various occasions. His keen interest today is in teaching English Language and Literature, teaching academic writing skills for academic purposes and providing editing services. He has also served as a panel member for various national level programmes such as the language panel for MoE’s Bhutanisation of Class XI-XII Business Entrepreneurship and Accountancy Textbooks and as a panel member during the MA Proposal Defense and Dissertation Defense at Sherubtse College and YCC.

Name :              Sonam Jamtsho (IT)

Designation:     Assistant Lecturer

Qualification:  MA in Computer Science 

Sonam Jamtsho has a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology from Jaypee University of Information Technology, India. He also holds a Post Graduate Certificate and a Post Graduate Diploma in Higher Education from Samtse College of Education. His area of interest lies in Educational Technology. He is the moodle (VLE) coordinator and teaches Information Technology to first year BHS and BLL students.

Name :            Dechen Tshering

Designation:  Associate Lecturer

Qualification:  MA in Linguistic

Dechen Tshering holds a Master’s in South Asain Studies from Pondicherry University, India. 


Name :              Dawa Zangmo

Designation:     Assistant Lecturer

Qualification:    MA in Computer Science

Dawa Zangmo holds a Master’s in Computer Science from Lovely Professional University, India.

Name :            Kinley Dema

Designation:   Associate Lecturer 

Qualification:  MA in English Linguistic

Kinley Dema holds a Master’s in English Linguistic from English and Foreign Language University, India.

Name :            Tshering Yangki

Designation:   Associate Lecturer 

Qualification: M.A in Communication Science

Tshering Yangki holds a Master’s in Communication Science from University of Amsterdam. Her primary research interest lies in the areas of women empowerment, changing information sharing culture and social media. Yangki teaches modules on English Language and Literature and, she is one of the faculty moderators for Campus Radio Station and Dangsel Media Club.