Annual Marathon was organized on Saturday, 7th September

The event was organized by the coordinators of games, Y-Peer, and Y-VIA clubs. A total of 97 students participated in the program whereby 56 were boys and 41were girls. The program was graced by the Superintendent of Police (SP) of Trongsa RBP and the President of the College.

For boys category, Ugyen Tshewang of BHS B 3rd year stood in the first position followed by Tashi Phuntsho of BLL A 3rd year and Achut Rai of BHS section A the 1st year in the third position. Likewise, in the girl’s category, Yeshi Wangmo of BHS C 1st year stood first, followed by Sonam Choden BLL D 2nd year and Pelden Choden of BHS B 1st year in the third position.

The program was mainly organized to encourage students to get themselves engaged in purposeful works and also to maintain their health.

A student from the first year stated that “Marathon is alternative medicine prescribed by our own self to build healthy life always.”

Gyem Lham
BHS C final year

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