DDC Translation Project

Countries around the globe are struggling with the problem of digital divide in adopting ICT for governance which limits the service provided through ICT only to English literates. Language barrier is one important challenge that is often overlooked. Language barrier causes digital divide and is also an impediment to information access. Services provided through ICT in Bhutan are limited to English Literates although Dzongkha is our national and official language. Therefore, Dzongkha Development Commission and College of Language and Culture Studies through its active MoU collaborate in the field of Dzongkha language development and promotion. CLCS has been awarded 150,000 English sentences to be translated to Dzongkha.

1. Objective

The objective of the assignment is to create a large high quality parallel corpus for machine translation and other language processing purposes.

2. Scope

The scope of the assignment is to translate a maximum of 150,000 English sentences to Dzongkha