Name:Singye Wangchuk
Position:Associate Lecturer
Qualification:MA  in Ancient History and Archaeology

Singye Wangchuk joined CLCS in 2014. He is an Assistant Lecturer of History. He holds a Master degree in Ancient History and Archaeology from University of Madras, Tamil Nadu, India. He completed his Bachelor degree in Language and Culture from CLCS in 2013. He teaches Jungrab to first year students; Archaeology and Museography and Historical Leaders of Himalaya to BHS final years. His research interest mainly focus on tangible and intangible cultures of Bhutan and Himalayan regions.

Contact: swangchuk.clcs@rub.edu.bt

Name:Deki Peldon
Position:Associate Lecturer
Qualification:MA in International and Comparative Politics

Deki Peldon joined the Department of History and Culture, College of Language and Culture Studies in 2015. She has a Master’s degree in International and Comparative Politics (ICP) from the Wright State University, Ohio, the USA and an undergraduate degree in Politics, Philosophy & Economics (PPE) (Honors) from the Asian University for Women, Chittagong, Bangladesh. Her masters’ thesis focused on examining why some transitions to democracy are more successful than others. More specifically, she researched why some transitions employ violent tactics, while others do not? In order to examine this important question, she studied the cases of Bhutan and Nepal, focusing on their democratic transitions since 2008. Specifically, she examined the impacts of nationalism and regional influences and the degree to which they influence the role of violence in Nepal and Bhutan’s transitions. Similarly, her honors thesis was on the Arab Spring where she focused on three countries (Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt). She tried to analyze the grounds on which the Arab Spring has failed and the grounds on which it was a success. In addition, she also tried to predict a future for the Arab Spring by comparing it to the French Revolution of 1789. She is primarily interested in political transitions, comparative politics, international relations, human rights, and Gross National Happiness. She currently teaches History & Philosophy of Gross National Happiness and History & Politics of Himalayan Regions.

Contact: dekipeldon.clcs@rub.edu.bt

Name:Kinzang Dorji
Position:Associate Lecturer

Name:Namkha Wangmo
Position:Associate Lecturer
Qualification:MA in Fine Arts (Textile Design) 

Namkha Wangmo holds a MA in Fine Arts (Textile Design) from Visva-Bharati University, Shantineketan, Kolkata. She studied Art History, Visual Arts, and Textile Design. Her research area is mainly focused on Bhutan’s indigenous textile weaves, significance of textile and textile usage in day-to-day life of Bhutanese people. Currently, Namkha Wangmo teaches classes on Thagzo in the college.

Contact: namkha.clcs@rub.edu.bt

Name:Ngawang Gyeltshen
Position:Associate Lecturer
Qualification MA 


Name:Nidup Gyeltshen
Position:Associate Lecturer
Qualification MA in Dzongkha and Choekey

Nidup Gyeltshen has a MA in Dzongkha and Choekey from the College of Language and Culture Studies. He studied Buddhist Astrology, Buddhist literature, Bhutanese Etiquette and Culture of Bhutan. He is currently studying for his Masters in Dzongkha and Choekey (Classical Tibetan). His research interest is in Bhutanese Culture and Buddhist Astrology. Nidup Gyeltshen is also skilled in the area of carpentry and masonry. Currently, Nidup Gyeltshen teaches Basic Astrology for first year students, Birth Horoscope and Lomo (Annual lucks) in second Year and nuptial astrology and astrology of death in the third year.

Contact: nidupgyeltshen.clcs@rub.edu.bt

Name:Pema Tshitrim
Position:Associate Lecturer
Qualification  BA in Language and Culture


Name:Dr. Tshering Dhendup
Qualification Phd in Buddhist Philosophy
MA Philosophy & Language

Name:Rinchen Dorji
Position:Assistant Lecturer
Qualification:B.A in Language and Culture Studies

Rinchen Dorji is an Assistant Lecturer in the Department of History and Culture in the College of Language and Culture Studies. Dorji is a former student of CLCS and completed his Bachelor degree in Language and Culture in 2013. Dorji also received his Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education from Samtse College of Education in 2015. He is interested in examining and documenting the oral cultures of Bhutan.  His most research project is a documentation of Phuntsho Choling Goenpa in Trongsa Dzongkhag. Rinchen Dorji is a member of Comprehensive Sexual Health team in CLCS and also coordinates the Dzongkha broadcast for Rigzhung Lungta.

Contact: rinchen.clcs@rub.edu.bt

Name:Sangay Phuntsho
Position:Assistant Lecturer
Qualification:Master degree in History 


Sangay Phuntshok holds a Master degree in History from Lovely Professional University, India. He wrote his master dissertation on “The study of Cultural preservation of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Bhutan”.  He completed his BA in History and Political Science from Sherubtse College in 2012. His interest in research and academic field includes: writing of oral history, culture and political history of Bhutan. He teaches History, GNH, Cultural Heritage, Historical leaders of Himalaya, Archaeology, Research Methodology and Milieu & Societies to BHS students. Sangay is currently the staff moderator for the Youth Initiatives for Democratic Society (YIDS)

Contact: sphuntsho.clcs@rub.edu.bt

Name:Sangay Thinley
Position:Assistant Lecturer
Qualification:MA in Indian Classical Dance 


Sangay Thinley holds a MA in Indian Classical Dance (Manipuri Dance) from Visva-Bharati University, Shantineketan, Kolkata. He studied origin of Indian Classical Dance, Contemporary dances and Art and Theatre. His research area is mainly focused on Bhutanese Vajrayana mask dance and different aspects of Bhutanese culture. Currently, he teaches mask dance and Jungrab in the college

Contact: sangayt.clcs@rub.edu.bt


Name:Sherub Tenzin
Position:Assistant Lecturer
Qualification:B.A in Language and Culture Studies

Sherub Tenzin holds B.A in Language and Culture studies from Institute of Language and Culture Studies, Simtokha, Thimphu. His research area mainly focused on Bhutan’s traditional Songs and Music. Currently, Sherub teaches classes on Songs and Music in the college and also serves as the Culture Secretary of the College.

Contact: sherubtenzin.clcs@rub.edu.bt

Name:Sonam Nyenda
Position:Associate Lecturer
Qualification Masters in Religious Studies

Sonam Nyenda joined the Department of History and Culture, College of Language and Culture studies in 2011. He has a Masters in Religious Studies from the University of Colorado Boulder. His main focus during his masters was Himalayan Buddhism and Buddhist art and iconography. His Masters research titled, Kangsol: A Vajrakilaya Performance Tradition of Sumthrang Monastery in Central Bhutan examined the intersection of lineage, ritual and visual art of Sumthrang looking at the mechanism to restore the perceived balance between the physical and non-physical realms that surrounds the monastery. Nyenda plans to continue his research interest in the intersection of art, text and rituals by looking at Bhutanese Buddhist practices. He is also interested in examining the significance of art and iconography and their function within rituals and tantric ritual manuals. Nyenda is also the coordinator of Bhutan and Himalayan Research Centre (BHRC) and recently helped organized a weeklong International conference focused on the development of PhD programme in Anthropology in CLCS.

Contact: Snyenda.clcs@rub.edu.bt

Name:Tshering Dema
Position:Associate Lecturer
Qualification MA South Assian Studies

Name: Dema Tshering
Position:Assistant Lecturer
Qualification MA