BA in Bhutanese and Himalayan Studies

clcs, Taktse now offers a BA in Bhutanese and Himalayan Studies (BHS), which is a three-year, full time course of study, with an Honors course offered in the fourth year.

The purpose of the programme is to produce trained professionals in the areas of culture and history, in order to create a foundation for preparing our future generations to preserve our nation’s identity and independence. We note the alarming rate at which valuable cultural heritage is disappearing, and the relative lack of attention and documentation taking place to preserve that which we still have left. Bhutan’s rich cultural heritage stands out uniquely in the world today and reflects the rich customs, traditions and social values of the people, and thus manifests the country’s cultural identity. These artistic treasures of Bhutan are a source of pride to the nation and reflect the richness of the world’s cultural heritage in general. The preservation and promotion of Bhutan’s cultural treasures is thus paramount, and an integral part of the Bhutanese efforts towards human development.

The programme aims to train students to understand and research the history, religions, cultures, traditions and heritage of Bhutan and its neighbors in the Himalayan region. In addition to examining the historical aspects associated with these fields of study, modules will aim to address contemporary issues and challenges. Students of the program will be prepared for work that requires a regional or international focus, either in the government or the private sector, particularly jobs that require knowledge of culture and history; they will be prepared to participate in research and preservation activities for these organizations. In the Honors Level, students will receive advanced training in the same subject matter, and will participate in research, complete an internship and consider how course content relates to policy issues. As with all courses of study at clcs, students will be trained to communicate what they learn bilingually, in English and Dzongkha.

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