Bhutan needs qualified people with fair, basic competence and communication skills in the Dzongkha language as well as in related cultural subjects with clear commercial and cultural perspectives. They should be educated in the context of higher education, but do not necessarily need the full standard of a degree to fulfill the needs for competence in the languages of Dzongkha and English.

The programme is aimed at preparing graduates with strong Dzongkha and English communication skills with relatively more emphasis in Dzongkha Language, and a fair amount of knowledge in culture to strengthen the secretarial workforce and enable them to engage in cultural activities.

For Bhutan, as much as Dzongkha is important, English and translation skills are also important. Therefore, the proposed programme is intended to produce not only graduates with sound Dzongkha language competence but also bilingually competent to address the employment market needs and most importantly to be able to help preserve and promote the rich traditional knowledge.

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