The BA programmes shall be opened only for candidates Who
have excelled in and passed class XII exams with a minimum of 60% in Dzongkha and 50% in English. For Rigzhung High School class XII graduates, a minimum of 50% in English and 55% aggregate in the 4 core subjects (Chenjug, Sumtag, Nyengag & Dzongkha/Dazhungi)s required. Dzongkha here means the common compulsory Dzongkha subject taken by all students in class XII. If a particular candidate has not studied Dzongkha in class XII he/she will not be eligible for admission into the degree programme, since the programme is largely Dzongkha-based.

Honours programme
Eligibility criteria: The Honours programme in Language and Literature/Bhutanese and Himalayan (BLL/BHS) Studies shall be opened only for candidates who have excelled and passed with a minimum of 70%a aggregation the3 rd year. In addition, they also need to obtain a minimum average of 70% in the Dzongkha and Choekye related
subjects. (sNy- en rtsom thra sag nyer gnyi, Translation, bdag gzhen mtha dpyed, Dzongkhai brda sbyor)