BA. Programmes
University-wide admission is based on ability rating, a method in which a band score of one to five is allocated to different subjects: one being the lowest and five being the highest in the band score. Abi1ity rating is based on the relevance of the subjects with the programme they decide to undertake.

For the BHSC candidates, a band score of five for English and Dzongkha, and one for the rest of the subjects are allocated. For students who have taken Rigzhung as an elective subject, a band score of five is given in addition to English and Dzongkha band
For CLCS class XII graduates, a band score of five each for English, Choenjug, Sumtag, and Nyengag, a band score of three for Dazhung/Dzongkha, and a band score
of one for the elective subjects is allocated to determine the merit ranking.

Honours Programme
The BA 4th Year Honours Programme is a special course accessible only to a
a privileged group of students who have excelled in the 3rd year degree programme with distinction. The maximum number of students to be admitted to the Honours programme will be not more than 40 from each cohort. Unlike the other programmes where progression to the next level is automatic, for the Honours programme, students who meet the criteria will have to formally apply and seek admission. So the students
who meet the criteria will have a Choice to join the programme or exit with a BA degree.