Language Competency Test


English and Rigzung Department will be conducting language competency test for the first year students, both BLL and BHS (excluding module repeaters) in Dzongkha and English on Saturday, 11 August 2018. It is a mandatory for all first year students to take the test. Students failing to take the test will have their semester result suspended till they could arrange tutor on their own to get the test taken and produce the result to the departments. Departments will not administer the test again for those students.

The test will be for one hour each for two languages. Please note the timing given below for strict compliance:

  • Entering into rooms: 8:45am
  • Starting time for writing:   9am
  • Language switch: 10am
  • Test ends: 11am

Room allocations:

  1. BLL and DLC students will take the test in their respective classes.
  2. BHS ‘A’ – Room No. 101
  3. BHS ‘B’ – Room No. 107
  4. BHS ‘C’ – Room No. 108
  5. BHS ‘D’ – Room No. 109


All the best.

English and Rigzhung Department


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