RIO: Aspire to Inspire

The roller coaster of events was yet to start while the restless audiences assembled in the hall already, waiting for the arrival of chief guest, the college’s President. The strained participants murmured while preparing for the best presentation to exhibit. And the busy organizers aided for the smooth flow of the most awaited show, “Aspire to Inspire”.

The program began with the speech of warm hospitality to welcome the distuingished chief guest of the event and other humble audiences. The first event was presented by a guest speaker who highlighted the regular relationship of youth today. Meanwhile the dense layer air of melancholy condensed in the surrounding when one of the participants shared about a woman’s struggles and challenges in her life. The program lasted for three hours with a series of emotion dominating the atmosphere. In the meantime, Sir Jigme Dorji, also a guest speaker, gave a valuable talk on teacher, a better species.

The thrilling program concluded with awarding of prizes to the winner, Karma Choden of BLL C and runner-up, Tshering Dema BLL A  by the chief guest. In the end, the audiences stepped out of the auditorium with a mixture of sentiments occupied within and discussed about the program all the way while walking to their respective hostels.

Written by: Dorji Tshering  BLL C, I Year


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