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CLCS Admission for Honours Programme BLL/ BHS

Interested CLCS graduates who have successfully completed their 3rd year degree with a minimum of 70 % in their 3 years programme (either BLL/BHS) may apply for admission into the 4th year honours programme on full scholarship. The 70% will determined using the following criteria: 20% from the year one 30% from the year two 50 […]

Spring Semester 2017

      Reporting date of the students to the college is on 18th July, 2017 Registration for recheck of paper and Re-assessment is from 16th  July – 18th July,2017. Anyone who fails to register within the given deadline will not be entertained. Recheck result Declaration is on 19th July, 2017. Re-assessment Examination starts from 20th […]

Vacancy Announcement

The College of Language and Culture Studies, Taktse, Trongsa, is pleased to announce the vacancy below: SL No Description Qualification No of slots Position level Pay scale Mode of appointment Assistant Residence Coordinator BA 1 P5A 17495–350–22745 Contract Interested Bhutanese citizens are requested to apply to the Dean of Student Affairs during office hours on […]

Tender announcement

  The tender opening date for the supply of furniture to CLCS , Taktse is postpone for its opening  of tender  on 17th July 2017 and 18th July 2017 ( for the supply of Stationary and sports items, Hardware items and vehicles maintenance and spare parts) for the financial year 2017- 2018. The suppliers may […]