Student Resources Centre is an academic platform, which facilitates students’ learning in an innovative and creative environment. The main aim of the Centre is to help students gain skills necessary to make learning more easy and effective. The Centre provides tutoring services for students in need and is equipped with supplementary learning materials, computers and additional resources to help students learn in the best way possible.

The Centre provides the following additional facilities:

    1. Provide students with opportunities to improve their confidence through creative engagement in games, workshops, clubs and competitions,
    2. Facilitate tutoring (through CDs, DVDs, books and other aids) for students who require practice in terms of grammar, pronunciation and listening and reading skills
    3. Assist students with students’ assignments and projects in terms of additional resources – referencing, language and so on,
    4. Ensure 24-hour Internet connection to aid student’s research work,
    5. Organize RCSC Examination preparatory classes to better prepare the students for life after graduation,
    6. Support faculty members in carrying out student feedback surveys using smart technology.